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Nickel slag Ultrafine Mill

Nickel slag is a solid waste produced by smelting nickel-iron alloy. Nickel slag contains a certain amount of nickel-iron alloy and can be used for stainless steel production. The nickel slag production line can not only reduce the environmental problems caused by nickel slag, but also create considerable economic benefits.

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SBM engaged in mining machinery Ultrafine Mill development, and always adhere to innovation, continue to introduce talent to join, has become a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises. Today, kaolin dedicated mill, Raymond mill, medium speed mill and other milling equipment by the industry's praise, and SCM series has always firmly occupy the position of mining machinery milling industry.

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Ultrafine Mill in manganese ore milling production line, slag powder production line, cement grinding production line, activated lime production line and other projects are widely used in environmental projects such as desulfurization and denitrification projects also have excellent performance. Often equipped with broken jaw, cone Ultrafine Mill, impact Ultrafine Mill, belt conveyor, vibration feeder and other equipment used in common.

Experimental Ultrafine Mill works diagram

Ultrafine Mill and ball mill belong to different types of grinding equipment, with different working principle. At the same time, due to the different specifications, ore handling capacity is not the same. In order to make the grinding test results comparable, grinding tests were carried out on them respectively with the ball mill, the former processing capacity of 4 kg / batch, the ball mill processing capacity of 1 kg / batch, grinding tests are in two devices appropriate throughput Under the conditions. The same grinding time as a comparative standard, that is, both with the ball mill on the treatment of the ore sample grinding 1 min, and then the particle size distribution of the product were investigated to compare the two devices on the grinding properties of potash salt minerals.

Ultrafine Mill screw shaft low-speed rotation, the combined effect of centrifugal force, gravity and friction grinding media and materials to produce an orderly cycle of movement and macro-based force balance. In the spiral blade surface, grinding media spiral rise; in the cylinder liner and the outer edge of the spiral blade, grinding media spiral down. Microscopically, the inhomogeneity of the mineral particles and the grinding media form a dynamic movement speed and force variation, resulting in the material is strongly squeezed, grinding and the force between the material fracture, micro-shear, fragmentation Such as a comprehensive effect, in order to achieve efficient grinding of mineral particles.