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Operation And Maintenance Of The Dust Collector

Psted On 2018-01-08 15:30:31
Operation And Maintenance Of The Dust Collector

1, The Pre Coated Ash Work After The Replacement Of The Filter Bag

After the filter bags are put into operation, they must be pre coated with ash before they are put into operation, or when they exit for a long time, they need to be coated with ash again, so as to build up the surface filter bed on the surface of the filter bags and reduce the pollution of the oil or other substances to the filter bags. The pre coated ash must be painted before using the suction fan before the boiler is fired. After finishing the precoating, check whether the filter bag is coated with gray and whether the pressure difference is equal or not.

2, Maintenance Of Dust Source System

Control of ash pressure: in operation, the ash and gas pressure is controlled between 0.08-0.1MPa, so that it can not only reduce damage caused by reverse blowing and cleaning, but also affect the effect of soot blowing.

The setting of ash pressure difference and adjustment of cleaning frequency are three kinds of dust removal modes for filter bag body under different dust loads (slow ash cleaning, medium speed ash cleaning and quick ash cleaning). The setting of switching point parameters must consider the service life of the filter bag, and make the differential pressure of the vertical Ultrafine Mill deduster in a reasonable range. In actual operation, the pressure difference should be kept in a reasonable range, and the frequency of the dust removal should be reduced to a low level as much as possible.


When there is leakage in the pulse valve or pipeline, the cleaning pressure is reduced, and the way of ash cleaning is gradually changed from slow to fast ash cleaning, and the pressure difference of the system is increased. At this point, we should find leak points in time, determine the location of leakage, and solve the leakage chamber operation when necessary, and contact with them immediately, so as to prevent the serious consequences caused by the instability of the system parameters.

3, to the bottom of the ash bucket heating point in advance into the furnace, ensure the funnel temperature reached 80 degrees, to prevent the flue gas water vapor in the hopper wall encountered cold, causing condensation will not lead to wall phenomenon in.


4, the bag to take measures to check regularly, through the window, the change of pressure difference, the solution room inspection means, timely detection of bag leakage phenomenon, and the wear bag immediately replace, prevent the flue gas from entering the interior caused by large area bag net gas blockage and damage accidents, affecting the service life of the Ultrafine Mill dust collector.